what to wear to the mall?

Heading to the mall sounds so much fun but if you are going with the intention to shop, there are certain things you should keep in mind. You have to wear something that is loose and comfortable so that you can easily try on new clothes. Same goes with the shoes as well. You can go alone or with friends. If you plan to pay a visit to the mall with friends and family members, you can plan together on what to wear. But, sometimes it is a little tough to decide what to wear especially if you intend to try so many new clothes before making a final purchase decision. Given below are some ideas that can help.

Wear Comfortable Shoes  


If it is summer, opt for the flip flops as you can easily take them off. If you are going to the mall in the winter season then wearing the shoes, which easily slip on without laces would be a good idea. Match the shoes or flip flops with the dress or shirt you are wearing.

Wear a Regular Shirt

A buttoned or collar shirt would be difficult to get off. You can opt for a regular shirt as it would be easy to take off when trying on something new. Plus, you are going to look cool in a nice regular shirt. Opt for a good color as per the season.

Avoid Tight Clothing

Tight clothing can make your uncomfortable, which is why it is a good idea to avoid wearing any kind of tight clothes. You might have to walk a lot in the mall. Wearing loose and comfortable clothes will let you breathe and shopping would be easy. If it is summer, tight clothes will make you sweat and you will not like the feeling at all! Shopping should be fun.

Wear Minimal Jewelry  

Girls love to dress up and accessorize using different pieces of jewelry when heading to the mall. It sure makes the girls look lovely but heavy jewelry can interfere while changing clothes. The earing can get stuck in a shirt or dress and can result in tearing it off. It is best to wear minimal jewelry when going to the mall for shopping. However, if you are just going to hang out and have fun with friends, you can dress up the way you want and wear anything you like in jewelry.

Wear a Light Jacket

In winters, you can wear a light jacket that is easy to take off when trying on new clothes. You can even tuck it away in your bag if you start feeling uncomfortable.

Wear Minimal Makeup

Boys are lucky in this area as they do not have to wear heavy makeup. But, girls love it and they want to buy lots of makeup from their favorite beauty shops. When heading to the mall try to wear minimal makeup. The mascara or bright red lipstick can leave stains on the clothes that you are trying. If there is a salon in the mall and you plan to get a facial, it would be best to wear no makeup at all.

Keep a Backpack or Purse

Boys can bring a backpack at the mall. It would be a good idea to bring a water bottle and some snacks to enjoy during shopping. Some food items can be quite expensive at the mall and you might not want to waste your time standing in the queue in the food court. Girls can bring a backpack or a comfortable purse to make a shopping trip enjoyable and easy. It would be a good idea to keep the valuables in a purse or backpack. Avoid keeping the wallet in hand as you might forget it in the changing room.

 Final Words  

Enjoy your best time in the mall. You don’t need to worry about clothing and jewelry if you are heading to the mall for a few minutes and meeting a friend there. However, if you are going to shop, make sure you follow the tips mentioned above. Be a

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