what does mall cop ride?

What exactly are those two-wheeled wonders that mall cops ride around on? For those wondering, mall cops typically ride segways. Segways are two-wheeled, motorized transportation vehicles that can be used indoors or outdoors. Made famous in movies like Paul Blart: Mall Cop, segways are also used by other people and groups.

Another popular use for segways is outdoor city tours. Many cities, especially those with a high level of tourist attraction will offer segway tours of their landscape. Visitors can book these tours and attend a brief learning session to learn how to operate and ride a segway as well as the proper safety procedures that go along with riding a segway. Segways are also popular to rent at the beach or other fun, pedestrian-friendly locations as they provide a unique and entertaining way to travel around an area that may typically be considered too large to walk. Segways can certainly be a fun method of transportation, but just like any other transportation method, they don’t come without any risk to the user. For this reason, anyone riding a segway should undergo training, including mall cops.

Segways can be difficult to ride without proper training, which is why mall cops have to undergo a certain level of training in order to understand how to safely and effectively ride such a vehicle. Helmets are always required just in case of the occurrence of an accident to reduce the risk of possible injury if one were to fall from a segway. Segways can be considered safer to ride inside, but a slip and fall accident on a hard floor can be just as painful and injury-inducing as one outside on the ground or concrete.

Mall cops ride segways as a way to get around the inside and the outside of the mall a little faster than other people. Occasionally in bigger malls, especially malls that have both indoor and outdoor shopping areas, mall cops can also be seen riding small golf carts or tram carts. Both golf carts and tram carts offer anoth way for mall cops to get around quickly and help them patrol the area. Unlike segways, mall cops can use golf and/or tram carts to transport other people with them. For exmple, if a mall cop on a segway needs to help transport someone with them, they would not be able to because there is no passenger space on a segway. However, if a mall cop riding a golf or tram cart sees a visitor in need, they would easily be able to have guests sit in the passenger seats of the cart and transport them quickly and safely around the mall.

Typically, mall cops are more likely to be seen using carts rather than segways in malls that have both indoor and outdoor shopping areas because they will also be doing light traffic patrol in addition to their usual mall cop duties. Although most malls will have a separate traffic control unit, segways, golf carts, and tram carts can all be used to mall cops to patrol the interior and exterior of any mall area.

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