How to clean mall hardwood floors for safe?

Mall hardwood floors can provide you with everything, beauty, elegance, and a sense of welcome in your space, but to maintain it, you must be careful to take care of it and clean it regularly. Here are five simple tips for keeping solid wood on the first day, and maintaining its beauty for a long time.

1. Keep away from grunge

Most of the grunge and extraterrestrial dirt is performed through shoes. To reduce the amount of cleaning, you need to reduce the dust that occurs on the floor. Also, you can use carpets, such as running mats and runners, in dense motion areas. It is also recommended that you regularly clean your floors with a soft, thin broom to remove small grains that somehow reach the floor.

2. Routine Vacuum for hardwood floors

Vacuum for hardwood floors should regularly so the dust does not settle between the grooves. Even though mall hardwood floors are laminated with polyurethane and have a proactive finish, regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner can prevent the formation of dust granules that are difficult to remove. Remember to use a soft brush to clean to avoid scratching your wood. Vacuum for hardwood floors is very important.

3. Home Solutions can help

In the case of stains and spills, regular water is often not enough to clean the mall hardwood floors and may need a stronger solution. In such a scenario using household cleaning solutions, the mess will be beneficial not only to your sex but also to your health and your pet. A mixture of vinegar, water, or even alcohol can sometimes help you regain the beauty of your hardback.

4. Stains and stains

Spots and spills are merely inevitable, especially if you have children or pets. But to avoid scratches, these stains and spills can damage your mall hardwood floors, and you need to get rid of them immediately. Stains such as blood or wine that can penetrate deeply must be attacked more strongly.

5. Keep your floor dry

Whether regular floor cleaning or spillage, the best way to protect the wood from all types of repairs is to wipe it and dry it thoroughly immediately. Moisture on solid wood may cause deformation, which may require repairs, which will be expensive.

Tips For Caring For Hardwood Floors

The mall hardwood floors are beautiful and add value to the house. It is also easy to maintain if you know what to do, and just as importantly, what you should not do. Here are five tips to help you take care of your floors, so they look new.

1. Ounce prevention

Preventing damage costs more than repairing it when it comes to mall hardwood floors. The key is to anticipate problems before they arise. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Place mats in high traffic areas
  • Put coasters or other safety features on the furniture, so you don’t scratch
  • Keep pets from mall hardwood floors.
  • Take off your high-heeled shoes before walking on the floor.
  • Place carpets around tables or where spills may occur
  • These steps help prevent scratches, scratches, and other damage that is difficult to repair.

2. Avoid cleaning water

Yes, you can use water to wipe spills or clean dirt, but it’s best not to use a mop that can spread a lot of water around. Don’t let the water stand on your wooden floors. The idea is to use a wet mop and then make sure the floor is completely dry quickly.

The water on the wooden floors can seep into the tree and become deformed. This is especially true in old houses with original floors in the home.

3. Sweep often

Low maintenance means no maintenance. Use a vacuum for hardwood floors or a dry mop to remove dust at least twice a week or more if necessary. If you fail to clean the floors often, the debris will reduce the gloss on the floor, making them dim.

At the same time, you want to avoid using products that it says are polishing or polishing solid wood. What happens is that it creates growth on the ground, which will damage the appearance of the tree over time.

4. Keep it cool

Keep the rooms where you have cooler wood floors. Adjust the thermostat between 60 and 80 degrees. Most importantly, keep the humidity level between 30 and 50 percent. This helps to prevent warping or to tear in wood panels. The cause of the problem is both moisture in the air and excess heat.

Don’t worry if the room gets hotter or colder for a short time. Only with prolonged temperature changes will the tree be exposed.

5. Sun protection

The penetration of sunlight through the window will fade over time. The change is subtle and often imperceptible until you move the furniture and see the difference in the shadows.

To avoid this problem, close the curtains within hours when sunlight enters directly through the window. You can open it for more light once the sun is over.

These simple tips will help your mall hardwood flooring look new. Although wood floors do not require much work, they require you to pay attention to your flooring needs, so that they last a long time and look great at the same time.

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